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 “Portraits of Bygone Bucharest”

We invite you to browse the album “Portraits of Bygone Bucharest”, (Romanian – English edition) in view of the most renowned photographers interwar Nicolae Ionescu and Joseph Berman and inspiring interpretation and flavor of Dan C. Mihailescu (man that brings the book to ProTv) .

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The album presents itself as a “book object”, a unique concept, a box of 50 sheets of large (45X32 cm), revealing a Bucharest of contrasts, picturesque stretched from the periphery Palace. Each sheet has on one side a photo exceptional, as artistic expression, but also as a document of the era, and the other girl Excerpts from the press that “comments” that photo.

If Nicolae Ionescu photos are full of shouts, smells and colors that you can only imagine, those of Joseph Berman (photographer Royal House of Romania) are dominated by white / black clothes gala testimony of the aristocratic world, which disappear soon after, but then direct the fate of Romania. More info 

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 “Romanian Icons on the Glass”

The album “Romanian Glass Icons. The children’s judgement.” reprinted at the request of buyers in a bilingual version (Romanian-English).

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It is an object book  into an unique concept in Romania, a box as an icon on glass, in sheets (45X32 cm) that are 50 reproductions of old glass icons (craft authentic Romanian), accompanied on the back of icons and sayings of children God (as they were born in the laboratory of creation of the famous professor Dorel Zaica). More info

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“Album of friends. Nichita Stanescu and Vladimir Zamfirescu.

The album is a friendship album, format in a box, thick cardboard pages (45X32 cm) which are removable; it combines photography, reproductions of manuscripts and reproductions of paintings. Everything is prefaced by a page, written by the painter Vladimir Zamfirescu, entitled “Nikita and tuci circle” – “I remember him leaning with infinite tenderness male protector … hallucinating Pieta, transfigured into a dimension whose music I whispered, slowly, as I “sleep”… I am your mother!’…” 


Vladimir Zamfirescu is considered by art critics the most prominent contemporary master. His paintings are exposed in some famous museums of the world, even in the offices of the royal collections Pope at the Vatican.

A former high school classmate in Ploiesti with N. Stanescu, which tied a lasting friendship, Vladimir Zamfirescu confessed in an interview, few years ago: “I loved him greatly… We knew as children. The first toy I built it together … Nikita already has a personality so strongly implanted and expanded public awareness that’s really hard to pencil in a few words. ” (Source More info 

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 “Outstanding Romanians far and wide”

“Outstanding Romanians far and wide” (Romanian-English edition) is the newest title of Alexis Publishing House. The album shows a collection of drawings, photographs, archival documents, biographies of essential thoughts of personalities from Romania, which were noticed abroad, such as: Dimitrie Cantemir, Dora D’Istria, Emanuil Gojdu, Eudoxiu Hurmuzachi, Haricleea Darclée, Constantin Brâncuși, Traian Vuia, Mircea Eliade, George Emil Palade, Marcel Iancu, Constantin Silvestri, Dinu Lipatti, Sergiu Celibidache etc.

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“Outstanding Romanians far and wide” was presented  during the event “Gandit in Romania”, organised by Romanian Cultural Institute in January, this year.

“What you are about to read is not an exhaustive writing on remarkable native Romanians who lived abroad and deservingly earned more or less international acclaim for their outstanding creativity. This is a subjective choice, assumed as such by the authors… This is why I welcome you to read through this small guide and reminisce these remarkable Romanians together with one of the greatest Romanian scholars of our times, French professor and Romanian academician Basarab Nicolescu, who generously agreed that we republish one of his remarkable essays – On Romania’s Public Image.” (Radu Boroianu, President of Romanian Cultural Institute) More info

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 “Key Women in Romanian life”

“Key Women in Romanian Life” is a bilingual album (Romanian-English), published by the Alexis Publishing House in 2017. It is a large album, of drawings and texts about 50 women that influenced the history and life of Romania. Faithful reproductions combine with carefully selected texts, which are true works of art. They all appear in the form of planes, a kind of “humanization / taming,” says the publisher, of the idea of an album, “so that anyone can place their favorite works on the wall in their relaxing home spaces and admire them.” Besides, in an interview with “Sunday newspaper”, Mihai Vişinescu said: “A book is a show, a book is a movie, you can watch a movie after a hundred years, a book like that.”


The album “Key Women in Romanian Life” makes a selection of the most famous Romanian women, among those who marked the country’s life. As admirably emphasizes Princess Marina Sturdza in the Foreword, the book represents “not only an elegant reverence for women with progressive and innovative spirit in the history of Romania, and an anchor for the elderly who may have known some of them, but It can also become a landmark for the young. ”

An album with 50 names (of course, the selection can only be subjective), but which includes, in any case, the most important women of the nation. The short, beautiful texts are due to Dan C. Mihăilescu and Sorina Goloşie (who wrote the biographies); The translation into English belongs to Mrs Emilia Bratu; The selection of the revealing photographs was taken care of by the stamps and the vintage photographs – Emanuel Bădescu.

A Book – as Critic Dan C. Mihăilescu points out in a text titled “The Force of Grace and the Energies of Fragility” – which proposes models: “For the first time, in our historiography and journalism, when so many” top “female physiognomies, one More immersive than others, are contained in such a splendid fray.Timber in character, destiny after destiny (each reader has the freedom to order the charts in alphabetical order, either, chronologically, not even thematically ) Gives a measure of time to some collective mentalities (tendencies) beyond the characteristics of each biography. “  More info

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